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Targeted Release date: June 2014 (however, due to script revisions being quicker than anticipated, this could be moved up to May if ready)

April 17, 2014 - Welcome to the home page of Glory Road - The book will be released in either early or mid summer, depending upon times for audit and review. However, since the revisions are coming along faster than previously anticipated, the book could be subject to release anywhere from June to late August - Just like in Glory Road, the Florida State Seminoles truly are national champions! FSU defeated Auburn 34-31 in the 2014 Vizio BCS National Championship game to win the 2013 national title and finish the season 14-0 - Between now and late summer the website will be updated sparsely, once the release is out, the full blown renovation will begin


The Glory Road website is being updated throughout the process. Due to new employment and a change of address, the release of Glory Road has been delayed until August or September 2014, or it maybe released sooner if the script revisions are current pace. Date is subject to change as script revisions move along.

While the book is under current renovation, please feel free to scope out some of the features of the book below in this website. I have added a newspaper and radio section that are not in the book, but as the characters would read in the paper and listen on the radio in the book. You will need to download an audio program for the radio section of this site. If you want, you can now share the pages via the Facebook and Twitter share links.

In addition, Glory Road is on Facebook and Twitter. Please make sure to like the page on Facebook and follow on Twitter. You can check out the feeds anytime. Also, this is smartphone compatible. You can take Glory Road with you on the go now.

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Newspaper Clippings

Radio Feature

Glory Road and its contents are copyrighted by John Andrew Labban, 2002-2014.  All rights reserved. Glory Road is registered with the US Library of Congress and WGA-W Registered #1307033. The characters are all fiction. They are derived of the imagination of the author, John Labban, and have no intentional resemblance to persons with actual names. The Quanah Register is a fictitious newspaper imagined by John Labban.  The stories on this website reflected in the newspaper section are completely fictional. The Quanah Radio station is a fictional creation of the author, John Labban. All stories are fictitious.

If you have any questions about this site, or the book in general, please contact the creator of the book and site, John Labban.

Smartphone Compatible:

Updated: April 17, 2014

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