Glory Road is available both print and electronic formats in the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany at this time. Glory Road is available in both the electronic format (starting at $3.99) and the print version (starting at $11.99). Each retailer around the world has their own price for Glory Road, plus any shipping they charge to deliver the book. Please note the 2015 version was released in June 2015, which replaced the orginal version of Glory Road that was released in April 2008. While more retailers are adding Glory Road to their stock, please note you can also order the book in your local bookstores. If they don't have Glory Road on the shelves, please ask your local bookstore to have it ordered for you or they can order it online to be sent directly to you. The new and improved Glory Road has been released for your reading pleasure. Please make sure to spread the word to all your family and friends.

In addition, Glory Road is on Facebook and Twitter. Please make sure to like the page on Facebook and follow on Twitter and Instagram. You can check out the feeds anytime. Also, this is smartphone compatible. You can take Glory Road with you on the go now.

Glory Road and its contents are copyrighted by John Andrew Labban, 2002-2015. The first imaged concept of Glory Road was created January 20, 2002. The first original publication was released on April 25, 2008. The second version of Glory Road was released on June 26, 2015.  All rights reserved. Glory Road is registered with the US Library of Congress and WGA-W Registered #1307033. The characters are all fiction. They are derived of the imagination of the author, John Labban, and have no intentional resemblance to persons with actual names. Any such resemblance is purely unintended. Please note while cities, sports teams, and colleges maybe real, the use of their names in this book was for entertainment purposes only. Any actions of the characters while in relation to the sports teams or the colleges are fictional only. The Quanah Register is a fictitious newspaper imagined by John Labban.  The stories on this website reflected in the newspaper section are completely fictional. All stories are fictitious. The background images on this website are courtesy of Thinkstock, Inc. I purchased the images from them for legal use on this site.

If you have any questions about this site, or the book in general, please contact the creator of the book and site, John Labban.


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